Sunday, 31 October 2010

oh happy sunday...

oh you know its going to be a good day when you find this most prettiest pretty whilst browsing etsy & drinking a cup of tea - when i kindly asked etsy to convert the $$ to ££ for me i was even happier.....for only £46.76 + pp miss.pretty.fisheye could be mine! i got paid yesterday and im extra more tempted than i am when i stand infront of the krspy kreme stand in selfridges thinking can i really justify £75,000 on a frosted ring of dough?!

well the little voice in my head is telling me that i can justify this sweet's the equivilant of....what? 4 boxes of krysy kremes? with the added bonus of having something to show for my purchase for a very long while!!

oh wait hang on this is not the best bit...said pretty has been made to look so sweet by the very talented robert ryan of misterrob i love his work! you can see his etsy here and his blog here! extra temptation to buy!

the only way to sort out this to buy or not to buy mess is to put the kettle back on and uumm and arrr over a spot of tea...i'll keep you posted (no pun intended!)

Lomo loves xx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

the sweetest of invites.. need to (as in absolutely must) set yourself an hour aside and visit this girls corner of the web! it's so pretty and then just when i thought it couldn't get prettier she posted her wedding invites!

are they not the sweetest postcard style invites you ever did see...loves! you can see the whole invite post here..and enjoy this sweet little blog here!Y

have fun & happy saturday xx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

hot chocolate..

tonight i am mostly wanting hot chocolate with marshallows - mm mm sweet chocolate dreams xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

If found please return to..

so then do you ever have days where you just feel like your getting nowhere? like going to work is getting in the way of you doing what you actually want to be doing, like you have so much you want to achieve and don't know where to start, like you get home from work and instead of picking up a paint brush you fall asleep on the sofa because you've been up since the crack of dawn, like your 'to-do' list is now bigger than you (5'5'' so im kinda medium but in terms of a list that's a pretty grande list no?) like you've had a gocco printer under your bed for near enough 12months STILL yet to be played with (oh don't the voices in my head are punishment enough!) well WELCOME to my world!!
it sounds uber pathetic when you type it out - i need a giant kick up the rear!
so i feel as though i have lost my....what is it? mojo? my artistic mojo?! i think that's a safe classification for said absent personality trait! if you come across it please return it to me i will be most grateful, and will invite you in for tea and biscuits by way of thank you!
in the mean time as it seems no amount of searching can locate my personal 'scarlet pimpernel' of creativity i am going to set about creating a new one..
new season - new mojo? maybe?
wish me luck xx

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

oh autumn season of change, its like mother nature having a clear out. i could do with a clear out and a change and change of scenery. a life clear out! who knows what this season of change may bring! xx