Tuesday, 24 May 2011

liar liar bums on fire...

hello sweet cheeks... so i lied didn't i?! and that was in february no less...will you ever forgive me..

i do very much hope so...

i am back and typing my first post in such a long time.. i don't even have anything of great importance or great significance to report...how shameful!

what i have been doing is being a busy mummy...visits to the zoo & the farm, playing & painting, baking & family tea times have all been the order of the day just recently, and i do most strongly believe that, that, is as good of a reason as any to be away from the laptop....what say you?

in other news.. pintrest have an app!! oh my!! I downloaded it the very day it 'app'eared and well..i am super guilty of being lay in bed 'pinning' when i should be sound asleep.. it's the very best way to pass time!

my pintrest is here if you would like to stop by..

today has been a quiet day.. i have enjoyed..

eating..homemadelemon drizzle cake

sipping..cups of tea

writing..many many lists

wearing..warm clothes with big socks

listening to..the sound of silence..the wind blowing outside and the occasional car swoop down the hill at the end of the road

i'll be back soon..with words and pictures.. xx

Sunday, 30 January 2011

it's a bit quiet around here...

so i have neglected this li'l space recently but i just though i'd pop in and note that i do solemnly swear that february will mark a new era in posts and pictures..brownie promise xx

Sunday, 2 January 2011


hello...did christmas time bring you everything you wished for? i stocked up on family time, chocolates, home-made mince pies and plenty of cosy nights on the sofa!
happy new year, this year i have plenty on my to-do/goal list and have set myself little milestone targets to help me acheive my dreams. this year is gonna be a big year with lots of new exciting chapters starting.....ooooh i cannot wait!
also this year.......some-one has a birth-daaaaaaay!!!! one little moon is one! on the eleventh no less that makes this years birthday 11-1-11 - whoop whoop!

i hope you'll be joining me for le celebrations xx